TP-Link Next Generation Wi-Fi 6 (2023)

Smart, fast, and unstoppable system; Wi-Fi 6:

Wi-Fi 6 is the up-to-date generation standard of Wi-Fi technology, and this was originally designed as a response to the increasing number of devices in the world. If you own a VR (virtual reality) device, several smart home devices simply have a large number of devices in your home. Then, the modern Wi-Fi 6 router should be the best Wi-Fi router for you.

Fast speeds:

Wi-Fi 6’s single-stream speed is up to 20% quicker than a gigabit Ethernet cable. Moreover, more devices could simultaneously share the high-speed Wi-Fi network.

Join more devices without lag: 

Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) makes Wi-Fi sharing entertaining. Your gaming, video chat, & family member’s downloads could be shared via the same broadcast as long as the bandwidth and cutting latency is adequate. And, the average internet speed is enhanced.

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Saving of battery life for your mobiles: 

Wi-Fi 6 applies Target Wake Time (TWT) for scheduling transmissions and allows power-saving for high-speed streams. When your mobile phones are on standby, Wi-Fi 6 noticeably preserves battery life.

Backwards compatible:

Wi-Fi 6 transmits more data for several applications. When you upgrade Wi-Fi 6 router, this change immediately assists your existing devices, and you won’t have to upgrade your router for multiple years. 


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